Louisiana Artisan Collection

  • Eugenie by Liz Sloss: A native New Orleanian, Liz Sloss has always had a passion for fine jewelry, especially pearls. She works with cultured freshwater pearls of every shape and color to create pieces perfect for today’s woman. Many of her designs are one-of-a-kind.
  • CC Gotz Designs: Designing and working with fine metals and unique stones.  "All designs are created by me and my inspiration comes from contemporary style. However, I love the classics and vintage jewelry as well. My preference is to work with sterling silver, GOLD VERMEIL and UNIQUE RARE stones." 
  • Maurice Milleur’s Pewter Graphics Inc:Maurice turned to creating designs that were of local interest and heritage and incorporated his business in 1994 as Pewter Graphics Inc.Maurice Milleur resides on the Mississippi Coast, Portland Oregon, and in New Orleans, Louisiana but is orginally from Spa, Belgium from which his European background distinctively mixes with Southern traditions, the Coast, and Nature, the predominant subjects of his design collections
  • Juneau Metalworks: A mother and daughter duo from Scott, Louisiana. Juneau Metalworks create beautiful pieces of jewelry from different mix metals; brass, bronze, and copper. We carry many different pieces like to most popular Dragonfly Necklace to earrings, and cuffs.
  • Arts Kinetic:"I use a combination of metalsmithing tools and approaches, cold connections, and wirewrapping in the construction of my pieces. Sometimes I carve wax and cast different components, and sometimes I deconstruct watches and video cameras, sourcing and modifying those objects for my jewelry. I use mixed metals, gemstones, resin, found objects, and graphic images in my work."
  • Old New Orleans Jewelry:From Lacombe, Debroah Handberg creates beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from different findings (1800's), cameo's, mourning buttons, perfume buttons. Beautiful old world charm made for the modern woman.
  • Grace George: Jewelry from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While no longer in business, we at the 1850 House Museum Store are lucky to continue to have a few pieces to sell from this amazing company.