New Orleans Architecture Series — Volume III: The Cemeteries
Friends of the Cabildo

New Orleans Architecture Series — Volume III: The Cemeteries

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In New Orleans, cemeteries are known as “cities of the dead.” Because the city is located below sea level, buried coffins will not stay underground. As a result, residents bury their dead in above-ground tombs and vaults, forming the “buildings” of these “cities” within the city. New Orleans families, organizations, and benevolent societies build lasting monuments, from the simple to the ornate, to their loved ones. Many of the more lavish monuments are known throughout the city as landmarks. Like all New Orleans architecture, the cemeteries capture the unique character of the Crescent City.

More than twenty-five years have passed since the publication of the first volume of the New Orleans Architecture Series. Pelican Publishing and the Friends of the Cabildo remain committed to recording and preserving the unique architecture of New Orleans, having published a total of eight volumes on the subject to date.

Softcover book.