Beau’s Bayou Treasure
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Beau’s Bayou Treasure

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By Rosalind & Maggie Bunn Illustrated by Michael P. White

Beau is going on a treasure hunt. Following his Papoo’s old map, he sets out in his canoe at first light, barely able to contain his excitement at the treasure he knows is awaiting him. The first stop on the map brings the young explorer face to face with a giant snapping turtle. But where is the treasure? The old turtle knows but slyly suggests, “There is treasure to be found. Keep rowing, Beau. Look all around.” Beau continues his quest, coming face to face with one bayou creature after another. Perhaps the large spider in its glistening web or the catfish who has scoured the depths of the dark, muddy water can help him find what he seeks. Searching for any clues as to the hidden treasure, Beau hears the song of the tree frogs and shares in the beauty of the peaceful bayou with a passing pelican. Even with the gentle prodding of his newfound animal friends, Beau can’t seem to find what he is looking for. As evening falls over the bayou and Beau returns home to the loving arms of Papoo, Beau realizes that just maybe what he has found on his adventure is more valuable than gold.