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Category 5

Category 5

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by Bill Capo

Fly right into the eye of a Super Hurricane! Category 5 trails a monster tropical system as it blasts across the Atlantic Ocean, and through the Caribbean Sea, until it targets, then swamps New Orleans. No one believed it could happen, and when it did, it was horrifying, and riveting. No, this is not a story about Hurricane Katrina. Category 5 was written before Katrina by a veteran New Orleans tv news reporter and weatherman, who intended it to be a warning to residents about what could happen. Fifteen years after Katrina, it remains a compelling fictional tale about Mother Nature's wrath unleashed on one of the most beloved cities on the planet, and the struggles of those caught in the storm as they try to survive. A television meteorologist faces the extreme test in the heart of the storm, and falls in love with the reporter who tries to save her. See what it is like to fly with the famed Hurricane Hunters, the challenges faced by National Hurricane Center forecasters, and the life and death decisions made by city and state leaders. Watch the struggles of those unable to evacuate, and what it is like to be trapped in your own home as it floods, or to be forced to endure the punishing wind. It is an eerily accurate fictional foretelling of the real catastrophe. Category 5 is an unforgettable saga of a merciless maelstrom, and you will meet the heroes who worked to save lives, some at the expense of their own. It may even make you wary when you face severe weather.

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