Hidden History of the Mississippi Sound
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Hidden History of the Mississippi Sound

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Paperback book. 

Sail into the Mississippi Sound with Bienville, the Frenchman covered in serpentine tattoos. Meet the heroes of the Sound: fearless Father LeDuc, who faced down Yankee pillagers; the wild woman of Horn Island, who could shoot as well as any man; Joseph T. Jones, the baron who willed Gulfport into existence; and Ray Nosaka, who fed his body to the dogs of war, all in service of his country. Glimpse a school of the Sound’s own patron fish, the striped mullet, Biloxi’s bacon. But don’t get too comfortable on the beach—a hurricane is always on the horizon. Inside are thirteen little-known tales from the Gulf Coast from Lake Borgne to Mobile. Join authors Josh Foreman and Ryan Starrett on this journey into the hidden history of the Mississippi Sound.