Jokes for Crescent City Kids
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Jokes for Crescent City Kids

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Grade & Age: K-2, 5-8


Author and stand-up comedian Michael Strecker tells jokes about po’ boys and ferries, and crawfish and oil—everything under the New Orleans sun! Paired with the comically animated illustrations of Vernon Smith, fans of the Crescent City will be belly-laughing about the unique yet familiar places, people, and things.  Included are silly takes on local favs such as this gem: “Why did the Chihuahua need to go to the optometrist? It had Popeyes!” Featuring a “What Dat?” glossary of local terms and their pronunciations, this collection of hilarious and guaranteed age appropriate jokes will have readers laughing ‘til the remoulade comes out of their nose!


  • Age appropriate humor
  • Regional flavor
  • Humorous illustrations


Stand-up comedian Michael Strecker has performed at comedy clubs around the country. He has a degree in journalism from Louisiana State University and a master’s in English literature from Tulane University. His penchant for humor is a true asset in his day job as a Director of Public Relations.