LOUISIANA EATS! The People, the Food, and Their Stories

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A native New Orleanian, Poppy Tooker is passionate about food and the people who make it. She hosts the popular weekly radio show Louisiana Eats! From which this book originates. From the transcripts of fifteen one-on-one interviews featuring specialists of iconic Louisiana foods, Tooker introduces the reader to the stories behind the everyday foods that make culinary history. Consider, for instance, the astonishing red bean, cooked fresh instead of dried and grown from the Camellia red bean with its own USDA standard. Red-bean lore goes one step further: the family who created Camellia Brand® Beans is the source of the signature Zulu coconut throw. Fascinating stories on traditional foods and the people who preserve them for future generations grace the pages of this delightful book peppered with Tooker’s signature joie de vivre. Each intriguing essay features recipes that showcase these culinary treasures and a photo of the personalities behind the engaging anecdotes.