My Grandmother Lives In A Shotgun House

My Grandmother Lives In A Shotgun House

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Through charming rhymes, craftsman-like images, and a sweet feeling of nostalgia, the lyrical narrative paints a beautiful picture of New Orleans’ families and architecture. A young boy recounts his adventures at his grandmother’s house and the enchanting things in her home—from the old portraits on the wall to the tall ceilings. He leads readers through the old shotgun house and relishes everything he sees, coloring every aspect of his surroundings with love and curiosity.

Children will discover the beauty in family history, comfort, and the meaning of things old while every generation will relive the joy and wonder that he feels discovering it all for the first time!

About The Author

English language arts teacher Daisy Harrison has taught for nearly a decade and holds an MA in teaching from Xavier University. She teaches at Albert Cammon Middle School, where she motivates students to utilize their creative thinking skills while falling in love with reading and writing. When she is not teaching, she enjoys writing and spending time with her husband and two sons in her New Orleans home.