Pontchartrain Beach: A Family Affair

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Bryan Batt grew up amid the rides and attractions of Pontchartrain Beach amusement park run by his grandfather Harry Batt Sr. While clearing out his mother’s estate Batt uncovered a treasure trove of unpublished photographs and memorabilia from the iconic beachfront attraction. With these ephemera as a focal point, Batt began collecting reminiscences from celebrities, former employees, and frequent park-goers.

 Batt and Danos have created a snapshot of time and place filled with candid moments with musical stars, tales of beauty pageants, and photo-graphic traces of the exciting rides and attractions that drew families from throughout the region. It will be a treasured keepsake for those who visited the regional attraction over the years.

Native New Orleanian Bryan Bratt is a well-known entertainer, designer, entrepreneur, and civil activist. He has won numerous awards, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his work on Mad Men, OUT Magazine’s Artist of the Year, and the Big Easy Entertainer of the Year award. Batt and his partner own and operate Hazelnut, a fine gift and home accessories shop in New Orleans. Batt earned his B.A. from Tulane University and grew up enjoying Pontchartrain Beach with his family.