Spanish in New Orleans & Louisiana
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Spanish in New Orleans & Louisiana

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First published in Spanish, this newly translated book explores the often overlooked Spanish influence on New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. De Pedro includes not only a history of Louisiana’s beginning and the Spanish colonial period, but also examines the traces of Spain in both the historical and modern eras.

With this account, de Pedro shifts the focus from the all-too-recognized French influences of Creole and Cajun culture in Louisiana and New Orleans to the persuasion of the Spanish period from 1763-1803. De Pedro includes profiles of many illustrious Spaniards, including an extensive study of the early Spanish governors, like Luis de Unzaga (1770-1776) and Esteban Miro (1782-1791). He devotes an entire chapter to the Spanish founding of modern-day parishes, cities, and towns, along with the Spanish contribution to Louisiana architecture, law, economy, and art, among others. De Pedro also examines the “Renewed” traces of Spain in modern New Orleans, Baton Rouge, St. Bernard, and New Iberia.

Originally published in Spanish in 1979, de Pedro intended the book for the people of Spain, as well as the people of North America. For the people of New Orleans, de Pedro considered it the time for “the Spanish influence in and on New Orleans finally to be recognized, without delay or prejudice and for the sake of truth.”