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Spy Boy Cheyenne and Ninety-Six Crayons

Spy Boy Cheyenne and Ninety-Six Crayons

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This colorful journey demonstrates strength and independence while participating in important cultural and family traditions. An eight-year-old boy masks for the first time as Spy Boy in his Mardi Gras Indian tribe. His dad, Big Chief, and everyone else in the tribe, make suits in almost every color, including Goldenrod and Granny Smith Apple, just like the colors in Spy Boy’s crayon box. Spy Boy proudly leads his tribe down crowded New Orleans streets, but when he looks back, he discovers that he is lost and separated from his tribe. Follow Spy Boy as his spirit guide, Cheyenne, and his box of ninety-six crayons help him return to his family. The unique and fun spirit of this book is highlighted by author Rob Owen’s nine-year-old daughter, who colored his drawings with her own crayons.

About the Author/Illustrator
Author and illustrator Rob Owen has worked as a graphic designer and professional artist for many years. During his process of obtaining his BFA from Loyola University in New Orleans, he studied writing, graphic design, and many art forms, including drawing, photography, videography, and painting. After Hurricane Katrina, Owen was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme cancer, a fatal brain cancer, and is one of the few survivors. He has been fascinated by the people and culture of New Orleans since moving to the city in high school. This is Owen’s first book. A lifelong southerner who has lived in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and South Carolina, Owen has always had an affinity for art and storytelling.

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