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A Young Person's Guide to New Orleans Houses

A Young Person's Guide to New Orleans Houses

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The city of New Orleans is one of America’s greatest “outdoor museums.” The thousands of houses that line its streets are examples of types and styles of architecture from all over the world, including unique housing styles that actually originated in New Orleans. The architecture of France, Spain, the Caribbean, and early America can all be seen in New Orleans architecture, and help to illustrate the wide variety of peoples who once called New Orleans home.

Lloyd Vogt, an award-winning New Orleans architect, presents the houses of New Orleans through detailed drawings, offering young people a glimpse into the history and movements that affected the city architecturally. He divides the discussion into two parts: house types (Creole cottages, American townhouses, shotgun singles, etc.); and house styles, discussing the historical periods (colonial, post-colonial, antebellum, Victorian, and early twentieth century) and the specific styles which occurred within each.

Beautifully rendered and notated line drawings illustrate each type and style to help kids tell the difference between the architectures, and a glossary is provided to give a working knowledge of all common architectural terms.

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