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Minimalist Tiki

Minimalist Tiki

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Minimalist Tiki

Learn Tiki Starting From The Essentials

130 Recipes from today's Tiki masters, plus practical advice on stocking your Tiki bar with essential equipment and ingredients.

Hardcover 300 pages


Pulling from Matt Pietrek’s renowned Cocktail Wonk blog and a decade of crafting tiki drinks at home, Minimalist Tiki: A Cocktail Wonk Look at Classic Libations and the Modern Tiki Vanguard leads you on a fun and wonky four-part expedition through the critical skills and knowledge needed to achieve tiki mastery on a minimalist scale.

With a firm nod to the classics and a keen eye toward the future, Minimalist Tiki is a tiki book like no other. Learn the core ingredients, equipment, and technique for creating a wide swath of the classic tiki canon without overwhelming your wallet, plus practical advice on expanding your expertise, advanced garnish techniques, and recipe improvisation.

Since rum and tiki are inseparable, Minimalist Tiki also presents the most comprehensive look at rum found in a tiki tome. And with the revival of the tiki movement in full swing, the book also features two dozen world-class bartenders and bars on the forefront of today’s craft tiki movement – including nearly one hundred original recipes.

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