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New Orleans Houses

New Orleans Houses

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A House Watcher's Guide - Paperback Edition 

One of the greatest outdoor museums in the world, New Orleans is acclaimed for its unique architecture. Glimpses of its evolving character from the colonial period to the present can be found in the open porches, balconies, arches, and stained-glass windows of its homes, from simple Creole cottages to suburban ranch houses. As you wander through the dynamic streets and alleyways of the city, this easy-to-follow, beautifully detailed guide will assist you in identifying and dating the houses you pass while placing them in their historical context.

Over one hundred hand-rendered illustrations of existing New Orleans homes as well as composite sketches of distinctive details highlight the characteristics commonly associated with certain types of homes. Maps point out areas of architectural development by periods, and a glossary clarifies the sometimes-confusing terminology used in discussing architecture.

Lloyd Vogt was one of Pelican's most popular and successful authors. His New Orleans Houses: A House-Watcher's Guide, now in its sixth printing, is the standard reference guide to building styles in the Crescent City. He also wrote Historic Buildings of the French Quarter, winner of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Book of the Year 2002, and A Young Person's Guide to New Orleans Houses, a simplified version of New Orleans Houses: A House-Watcher's Guide.

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