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The Mermaids' Night Before Christmas

The Mermaids' Night Before Christmas

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For as it has been for centuries and centuries
that each Christmas Eve
Santa Claus takes the land
and his cousin
Calliope Claus takes the sea.

Calliope Claus is known far and wide as the Mermaid Chief.
From ocean to sea.
From river to lake.
From bayou to reef.

While Santa delivers presents around the globe to good girls and boys.
Calliope does the same for mermaids, bringing gems, trinkets, and toys.

With imagination and warmth, author Sally Asher and illustrator Melissa Vandiver bring a bustling underwater North Pole and all of its inhabitants to life. The Mermaids’ Night Before Christmas tells the enchanting tale of Mermaid Chief Calliope Claus and her team of narwhals on their joyful Christmas Eve journey delivering gifts to mermaids around the world.
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