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Things That Geaux

Things That Geaux

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Things that Geaux

By Scott and Tallulah Campbell

Illustrated by Melissa Vandiver


Ready, Set, GEAUX !


In Louisiana, we take pride in doing things a little bit differently.  

We don’t just go, we G-E-A-U-X!


This joyfully illustrated book introduces little ones to all the things that move in Louisiana, whether you are down in Grand Isle or up by Grand Bayou. Things that zoom, things that crawl, things that dance, things that roll, things that fly, and things that run are all featured in this fun-filled jaunt that will satisfy lovers of planes, trains, automobiles, boats, and more. Arranged alphabetically, each object is clearly labeled to encourage young learners to read along as they identify familiar things and discover some new ones along the way. The father-daughter team of Scott and Tallulah Campbell hope to inspire a discussion about all the unique aspects of the Pelican State, from how we get around to the ways we stamp our feet and sway to the beat. Readers will learn, smile, and laugh as they share their own ideas about all the things that geaux.

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